Cci phantom feedneck

I have owned, shot, and played with nearly every pump paintball marker to have hit the market in the past 10 years. They are leaps and bounds better in comparison to those of the decade prior and are jammed pack with even more features. Below are what I would suggest for most any player looking to pick up a new pump.

The list will cover all skill levels while not being too expensive or require a lot of maintenance. For those of you wanting to get into the pump paintball world on a budget, you will be hard pressed to find a better pump paintball marker at for the price of the Azodin KPC. This is the baby brother of the proven Azodin KP3, all the functionality and reliability at a lower price point.

This is designed with the beginner in mind, the regulator is preset and non adjustable so you always know the pressure is correct. Click here to check out Amazon for current pricing.

For the price, there is a lot of bang for your buck! I liked the KP3. The only real difference that I noticed was the trigger pull, but when on the field the difference was unnoticeable. If you want to get into pump play, or want to get a really nice pump marker in general, pick yourself up a KP3. These are by far the most versatile pumps available and with all the parts on the market, you can have this in any configuration you wish.

You can run it open class with vertical or angled feeds or stock class with horizontal feed or spring feed. There are undercocking kits, bottomline setups, 12 gram CO2 changers, or tank out the back. The possibilities are endless. Not only does this marker have a plethora of setups, but it is super reliable and can keep up with you no matter how hard you run them. Plus, it comes standard with an auto-trigger so you can dish out the paint if needed.

As an added kicker, this marker is super efficient. I run one of my Phantoms purely on 12 gram CO2 cartrages and easily get shots per 12 gram. Combine that with the marker being super light, you have a wonderful setup that you can run around with all day without fatigue.

CCI Phantom Feed Tube Cap Assembly - Black

Click here to check out CCI for current pricing. Quite a few people have autocockers on hand and quite a few of them are set up in a pump configuration.

This is with good reason, cockers with pump kits have one of the smoothest pump strokes and you can adjust the trigger for the most satisfying pull. Click here to check out Amazon for Inception Pump Kits. Their quality is top notch and reliability is superb. If you want a beautiful high end pump to run tournaments with, look no further! Inception has quite a few different models available, but the Hornet Pump provides a great product at a good price!

You get all of the benefits of the autococker with the enhancements that only Inception can provide. Skip to content I have owned, shot, and played with nearly every pump paintball marker to have hit the market in the past 10 years. CCI Phantom in a vertical stock class setup. No extra hopper or tank is needed and is super small and light.Find fields and stores Zipcode. User Name Remember Me? Best paintball commercial ever?

PbNation needs your help updating the Fields and Stores Listing. New Planet Eclipse Geo 4 shooting video. First time shooting the Ego LV 1. Go to Page Join Date: Apr Its just a pain to work on. But it is the best pump out there in my opinion. Join Date: Nov I had several comments about how it looked from other players the first time I Join Date: Jul Easily converted from any autococker, or available pre-built from WGP, But a karnivore or a 1 of 2 custom sniper 2 like mine with an 05 superstock body and a 45 frame made by jeff orr himself then yea great pump.

Join Date: Jan Thusly it is perfect for both a beginner and someone more invested in pump play because you can get Join Date: Sep I Can rock people in the face with it every time. I recommend buying this if your looking into starting pump. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. Buy PbNation T-Shirts. PbNation News.Run with the 7 and 12 round Tippmann Mags or Zetamags while taking full advantage of the reliability, accuracy, and consistency of the Phantom.

Just remove the stock horizontal feed block and install the adapter in its place. Still, this adapter is a great addition to the phantom so you can quickly and easily run a spring fed system on the marker! If you wish to run the adapter so the mags feed from the front, it works best with undercocking kits but you can use standard pump handles that have the tops shaved down as well.

All the hardware to mount in either orientation is included, the longer screw is for standard feed, shorter screw is for reverse feed, and the setscrew is to plug the reverse feed hole so no paint or debris enters the breach.

SSC CCI Phantom to Autococker Barrel Adapter

The design benefits from some sort of detent system to prevent double feeds, so using ASP detents, CCI Ring Detents or a bore sized barrel kit will be ideal to make your experience even better. For more of an in depth review, I made a video to show how the adapter functions and the benefits of either the right or left hand configurations. Here is a quick rundown of the various features on the adapter, I made it as user friendly as possible while maintaining the robustness required for some intense gameplay:.

To purchase an adapter for yourself, check out my Ebay shop for availability:. My Ebay Store. Here are some pictures showing how they look mounted to your Phantom. I show both the right hand and left hand latch variant and have them shown mounted both in standard and reverse feed configurations.

Need some Mags? Click here to check prices on used 12 round TiPX Mags. Click here to check prices on used ZetaMags. This thing ran smooth all day and was a blast to use!

Overkill software store

I primarily ran the adapter with ZetaMags and was super happy with how they performed. It was really easy to release the ball stack and was quick to flip the mags around when I needed to reload. The video shows the prototype version which functions in the exact same way as the MAK.

Florida based paintball player with 20 years of experience playing everything from recball to 24 hour scenario events. To start this off, I am not going to tell you how to prevent catching coronavirus or what to do if you believe you are experiencing symptoms. I am not a disease expert, but a fellow paintball Paintball is a fun and exciting activity for players of all ages, including kids. Matter of fact, it is a great way for kids to run around and burn off a bunch of energy and have a good time all at Skip to content.

The MAK Adapter. Continue Reading.Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Oct Posts This marker has been modified entirely by me, and has TONS of new and nearly new parts on it. I have been slowly modifying it over the last few years.

Now that I am finally done with it I am back in college, and hardly play paintball anymore.

Ricoh serial number search

So I decided it was time to sell it, before I have even actually used it in a game. First, some eye candy: Now, let's go through the parts: '03 Vertical Feed WGP autococker body -Mid-blocking done by me -Jcurt bolt and sled -Ego feedneck modification done by me; includes o-ring groove ANS Race frame -Brand new 5-way solenoid -Brand new battery -Brand new membrane pad -Breakbeam eyes -Eye covers just anodized clear; they were black previously Palmer's Pursuit Shop "Fatty" Stabilizer regulator -just rebuilt with new internals Palmer's Micro Rock low pressure regulator -just rebuilt with new internals Belsales.

On some bodies, half-blocking just doesn't flow with the milling of the body. So, my other goal was to leave as little exposed metal as possible.

In the end I was very pleased the design I came up with. One of the best things I did with it, I believe, was to take the bolt pin slot all the way to the back of the tube. That way, all you have to do is just pull the bolt pin up a little and slide it out the back. If the slot had not been extended to the back you would have to pull the pin all the way out, and then try to fish the bolt out of the body.

Slot cut in the vertical ASA.

Barrel Adapters

This makes it easy to get the cocking solenoid wire out if you disassemble the marker. Otherwise, to get the wire out you would have to take apart the entire frame and get the small connector loose from the circuit board.

There is a connector from the wire to the solenoid as well, but it is too large to fit through the hole in the ASA. Ego feedneck. Not only was the stock feedneck cut down to the right size, there is a groove with an o-ring in it, exactly like an Ego body.Production began in after about six months of prototype work. The name for the marker was derived from the much more stealth-oriented and drawn-out style of play that was typical when the game was first developing.

When first introduced the marker featured a fixed barrel assembly referred to as a "unibody" combined with a modified Crosman air pistol frame and brass bead sight.

The marker is also capable of supporting bulk gravity fed hoppers by using a different breech type. The Phantom is one of only a handful of readily available markers acceptable for use in the various forms of stock class paintball. However, because the Phantom is capable of auto-triggering and features barrel porting it is considered to be a modified stock class marker.

Component Concepts, Inc.

cci phantom feedneck

CCI is located in Newberg, Oregon and was founded in to provide product design assistance and manufacturing expertise in dental equipment. Compressed gas enters the valve of the Phantom, pressing the cup seal assembly against the retainer with the aide of the valve spring. This gas forces the valve to stay sealed and allows the gun to be cocked which prepares the hammer of the paintball marker for firing. Without the pressure of the gas in the valve the gun cannot be cocked. As indicated by the term pump action the first step in firing the marker is the pump stroke which uses the rod connecting the pump handle and bolt to cock the marker.

The pump stroke consists of two parts; the backward pump stroke and the forward pump stroke. On the backward pump stroke the bolt moves back, compressing the main spring until the bolt and hammer are connected by the sear.

Microscopic view of jellyfish sting

At this time a single ball drops into the breech. Next, during the forward pump stroke, both the bolt and hammer move forward, chambering the paintball sealing the breech. Next, as the trigger is pulled, the sear pivots and releases the hammer from the bolt. The compressed main spring forces the hammer back until it reaches the rear of the power tube and provides enough energy to force the power tube back. As the power tube is pushed back the valve opens and compressed gas flows through the power tube and the tuned port compensator TPCprojecting the paintball out of the barrel.

The Nelson design is in-line which means that the bolt, hammer, and valve follow the barrel and form a line as opposed to being stacked. Another characteristic of the Phantom that varies within the Nelson-based family of markers is that it features the original breech drop design as opposed to the bore drop variation of the design, meaning that the paintballs drop into breech, or rear of the barrel, rather than dropping into the bore of the barrel.

cci phantom feedneck

Different breech layouts allow players to use larger hoppers that are more common among contemporary semi-automatic markers or horizontal feed tubes. There are two styles available for the Phantom; gravity feed and stock class. Another feature which may differ depending on user preference is the grip frame. The two most common grip frames available for the CCI Phantom paintball marker are the.

However, the. The standard grip on the. The Mstyle grip used in the Phantom is produced by Ram-Line and is made of plastic. The original Phantom Revolution was an unfinished semi-automatic paintball marker developed during the early s. It featured an electrically powered rotary breech which was activated by an on-board computer system and microphone which responded to the sound of the marker being fired. Another notable innovation in the Revolution was its boltless design. The breech, which rotated on an axis in a similar fashion to that of the cylinder of a revolverallowed a paintball to be fed into the breech which would then align with the firing chamber, creating a seal.

The maximum rate of fire was 7 balls per second, or 14 with a two-hole breech. The sport of paintball saw explosive growth during this decade and as the industry became more lucrative, many patent disputes and lawsuits occurred.The Phantom has several options available, including rear ASA, bottom line, vertical adapter or a quick change unit to run off of 12 gram CO2 cartridges.

The body can either have a feedneck either on the left, right, or ccennter, or you could choose a 10 round tube for stock class play. While the classic Phantom is black, it comes in almost any color, as well as acid washed colors. The CCI Phantom is also super accurate, as well as consistent. The Phantom is also really lightweight, and not to mention well-balanced. This means that you can simply hold down the trigger and pump, producing bps.

cci phantom feedneck

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Be sure to get your Vortex Fans early! Rate this:. Like this: Like Loading One Response.

cci phantom feedneck

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.A lot can go into deciding what gun to buy and which would fit your playing style.

Mega Phantom Pump setup

Do you like to play quick fast paced speedball games or are you more of a woodsball and mil-sim style player? We typically like to lump all guns into three categories, entry level, mil-sim and tournament level. Some of these categories can overlap a bit, but for the most part it is a good way of placing paintball markers in sections. Picking a style of paintball gun make the buying decision a bit easier.

Entry level guns are just that, entry level. Entry level guns are made to be very reliable and simple. Many of the entry style guns have very few o-rings and a very easy to work on. Some of them may fall into the entry level category and mil-sim space ,much like the US Army Alpha Black. The Alpha Black it is a simple and reliable gun but also has that real look. They are light weight, quite, kick very little and they have a much higher rate of fire.

While they may work better, they are not always the best option. Higher end paintball guns tend to be more complicated, have more o-rings are a more difficult to maintain. Below is an accumulation, of some of the best paintball guns for their given category.

Entry level paintball guns are going to be primarily used by new players, people playing a few times a year or someone that is one a budget. For the most part all entry level paintball guns should be very reliable, affordable, simple and low maintenance. They are the paintball gun you buy if you just want it to work every time no matter what. Below is a list of what we think are some of the best entry level guns on the market. The Spyder Victor is a reliable and very affordable paintball marker.

It does however comes with stainless steel braided hose. The Kaos comes with a twist-lock feedback and vertical for grip unlike the Spyder Victor. The Tippmann 98 is the workhorse of the paintball industry, most paintball fields use the 98 as part of their rental fleet and they are many peoples first paintball guns. Both paintball fields and players love them for their down right simplicity, durability and readability. Quick simply the Tippmann 98 is the most popular paintball gun ever made.

The Tippmann 98 is made of complete aluminum constructing, making it super durable and dependable. The Electronics in the Blitz allow for very high rates of fire and other firing modes like full-auto and 3 round burst. Perhaps the best out of all the Tippmann paintball markers is the Tippmann A5.

The Tippmann A5 does have one large advantage over the 98 though, the Cyclone feeder. The Cyclone feeder ensures that a paintball is loaded perfect every time, reducing the likely hood of jams or chopped balls. The A5 is also designed to be completely field strippable, push to pins out and you can remove most of the internals, push three pins out and you can remove internals and the trigger frame.

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